Major update: 200+ new tiles!

Hello everyone!

After I used Urizen tilesets in the main project, I realized several problems:

  • Fantasy tileset is not true "fantasy"
  • There are many tiles that can be applied to any setting (like brick walls)
  • There is nearly no overworld tiles
  • TMX maps contain logically incorrect data

So I reviewed the whole tileset and drew 200+ more tiles (with the help of @misagai). Here is new tilesets structure:

  • Basic tileset
  • Fantasy/Medieval tileset
  • Modern, Sci-fi and Horror tilesets (still in development)

Now tilesets contain 500+ tiles with more or less unified TMX data.

Files 55 kB
May 09, 2020
urizen-onebit-basic.png 10 kB
May 09, 2020
urizen-onebit-fantasy-medieval.png 7 kB
May 09, 2020

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Awesome, thanks for sharing!