Urizen tileset update for 7DRL 2021: 700+ new tiles and rethinking of the tileset!

Hello everyone!

7DRL 2021 is coming so we decided to release the larget Urizen tileset update dedicated to this event!

700+ new tiles with:

- MANY races with various professions. Tileset now contains corpses so it is now really suitable for battle-centered roguelikes.
- Two fonts (simple ASCII and gothic) for something we haven't drew yet.
- More food and generic items.
- A bit more variety in walls, floors and items so games can be more interesting.
- Some drafts for sci-fi and horror tilesets. Cool, but still too small to be called "tileset".

You can see how the tileset looks in realistic roguelike maps here, and the main project on the Github here.

And another important thing:

There was major incompatibilities between old and new version of tileset so we decided to break compatibility. It may be painful for someone who was heavily depends on old Urizen tileset, but it is necessary. Now the tileset is stored in one file with 50x50 tiles size. Positions of tiles will not change. There are spaces in the tileset now, that will be filled with new tiles. If the tileset size will be bigger than 2500 tiles, the image file will be expanded so old tiles will not be affected. If someone uses data from TSX file - sorry, there is still no TSX for new version of tileset, it will be later.

I hope this tileset will help someone to make their roguelike in the challenge. I will be appreciated if you will write comments about your projects with Urizen tileset on its itch.io page, and...

...Good luck for everyone in the 7DRL 2021 challenge!

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Is the updated tileset the image? You did not update the tileset files on itch. Additionally, do you plan to expand the tileset to include fantasy races in the player and Modern tilesets?

TSX and JSON files are not ready yet (it needs MANY time for create and write all attributes). I am planning to have only one megatileset instead of several small tilesets. So all fantasy races can be used with modern, scifi or another tilesets.


So the image in the post is the update?

I was talking about adding the versions humans do in the tileset to the other races. Yesterday I did a player base for all of the races and a few others.

Oh, I understand you. I am not sure that fantasy player characters will fit well. There definitely will be problems with genders (because they use the same head pixels). Do you think it is good addition to the tileset? If yes, I will try to create something👍

Yes, they would be good additions, and I am aware of the gender issues. I also did not know about coloration rules, the heights might be off, and I copied the human's head to others simply because I did not know how you did it.

Any progress?

Still not, I am very busy on my main work now. Maybe in a week or two I will start to do something. But results will be definitely after the March.