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the 12x12 on Tiled doesn't work for me, and the 13x13 is slightly big, what can I do?

You need 12x12 tileset with offset_x=1 pixel, offset_y=1 pixel and 1 pixel between tiles.

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Like this? --->


thank you. i am using them in my prototype, but i may even use for the final version!

this is great!

Thanks for making this awesome tileset! I use it for my roguelike Lost Cavern (

this tileset is Gorgeous!


saw these were being used in the huge game pretty cool

Wow. Perfect tileset!

Can i use the tilesets for commercial purposes and how much should  i pay for it?


This tileset is under CC0 license. You can use it for free and commercial projects and don't need to pay anything. But I will be appreciated if you will write about this tileset in credits and/or donate something :)

love everything about this set! I’m very curious about the lovecraftian idea however, any news about that possibly happening?

This tileset is just AMAZING! Using it for my mini roguelike project and loving it :)

This whole thing is amazing!
We used it for an university project and it looked stunning!

awesome. but im confused about these tiles.

could you make a list of their names?

These tileset uses both PNG and TMX/TSX format. In TSX format there are many additional info for each tile. You can download Tiled program and open TSX file with it. There are block of parameters for each tile that fully describes their name. Later I will release Urizen GUI, where you can get all info with just one click.

Hi. Is there any possibility you could resize those assets for being used on RPG Maker VX Ace? I can't figure how to do it by my hand (I'm so bad with photo editors)

As I understand, RPG Maker VX Ace use 32x32 tiles. My tiles are 12x12 and can be scaled to 24x24 or 36x36, so they are incompatible with RPG Maker (without additional editing).

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Thanks, i think i figured how to use them on VX Ace with some extra editing. Are you still working on the other tilesets? I would love to see more of this :)


Yes. You can find info in my last devlog :)


I'm making a coloring book and activity set. I'll be making the altered tileset CC0 once I'm done with it. All the comics and coloring pages I make will be free too. Keeps my hands busy. I hope you enjoy them.


Looks cool! I will be glad to see your comics or coloring pictures! Thank you for making your tileset freely available. My preview coloring book is posted, totally free along with the remixed tilesets. Be well, Traveller.


These sprites were exactly what I needed for the project I made today! I'm making an immersive retro clone game of Frogger!

will you add boss charecters I want to make an mmo game with tileset btw youre tileset is amazing I ancourage you to make more.

Cool tileset! Love it. Thank you.

really awesome, thanks so much!


Super nice! Keep it up :) Would love to see more in this style. Perhaps some bigger enemies, like bosses would be a cool addition^^

love this art style !

Great job

Nice work!

Love them, great work!

These look awesome!


These look great, nice work